I would like to talk about the future of this Wikia


I think we should combine the traits into one page

Here is what is on the ADHD page


"So engergetic!  You move faster."

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) makes character move 30% faster.


I think that does not deserve a page and many others are just as short

We could easily reduce the number of pages by a lot and make looking traits easier

Wiki Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top of each page (but below the wikia toolbar)

I think we could edit that so it gives the user an easy way to navigate the wiki

There are not that many topics that matter

Classes, Vendors/Shops, Upgrades, Monsters, Bosses, Guides?, Traits and maybe a few others

All could be listed up on the Navigation Bar

Consistant and Improved Layout

I have made many MAJOR changes/edits to pages that have had a great effect on there overall look

See: EnemiesClassesThe Blacksmith

I think we could improve the layout (like the tables I created) and try to give everything a slightly more conststant look/feel


I would really like any feedback that you guys could give and, even more, your help!

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