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The Architect will lock down a Castle layout for you so you can redo it and look for what you previously missed.


  • Gold pickups are worth 60% of their normal value (after bonuses).
  • All normal monsters and breakable objects respawn.
  • Opened chests stay opened.
  • All bonus rooms which have been used stay used. This includes Mini-bosses which have been killed.
  • Failed Fairy chest challenges reset.
  • Keep previous map. This means that all visited teleport rooms stay mapped, and can be teleported to right away.
  • When you beat the game, you can't lock down the castle when you start a New Game+, meaning the castle WILL have a new layout each time you beat it.


  • Teleport straight to boss rooms (allows for practice and constant fighting)
  • Attempt mini-bosses you passed or died to
  • Retake Fairy chest challenges
  • Get previously impossible chests/areas with a new character that has Dwarfism/Flying

Trivia Edit

  • In the demo, you only get to keep 50% of the gold you find, as opposed to 60%.
  • In the full game the Architect originally only took 30% of gold dropped.
  • If you try to use the Architect before entering any castle (for example, by visiting him right after starting a New Game+), he will refuse you and say: "Sorry boy, there's no castle to build right now. This screw is just for show."
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