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"A hero for hoarders. Very weak, but has a huge bonus to gold. "

Miners are designed with one purpose: finding treasure. Their stats are painfully low, but they gain a large bonus to gold value, and they can also locate certain secrets. This makes them better-suited to avoid conflict.

50% HP, 50% MP, 75% STR
Other Traits
+30% to base gold gain
Spells Available
Conflux, Flame Barrier, Chakram


Spelunker Icon

Upgrade: Spelunker/Spelunkette Edit

  • Special: Headlamp (Cost: 0 MP per second)

A Spelunker/Spelunkette's headlamp increases visibility in dark areas as long as it remains active.

The Spelunker/Spelunkette also gets the added bonus of having all treasure chests, fairy chests, and events marked on the map.

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