Classes ‣ Mage

"Masters of the Arcane."

One of the base classes initially available to the player. They are physically weak, but excel at magical attacks.

150% MP, 125% INT / 50% HP, 50% STR
Other Traits
Regain MP with each kill (stacks with Siphon effects)
Spells Available
Flame Barrier, Conflux, Time Stop, Dagger, Chakram


Archmage Icon

Upgrade: Archmage Edit

  • Special: Spell Cycle

The Archmage has access to three spells, and can cycle between them by pressing the Special key. This costs no mana, and can be done at any time. On the Select Your Heir screen, you can see only one of the Archmage's spells, which makes choosing between multiple Archmages somewhat dependent upon luck.

Picking up a new spell at a Spell Altar will give you the displayed spell, but will also change your two reserve spells.

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