Sir Lee dying

Death is a mechanic in Rogue Legacy that is essential for any type of progression. When the player eventually dies from running out of HP a death screen will be shown, the player will be brought to the start up screen, and a new heir must be chosen to continue the game.The only way to avoid death is to beat the final boss.

When an heir has died it will show a portrait of them in the default armour with a title in their name. This title is entirely dependent upon how many enemies the player has defeated. The one exception is Legendary, which is always given to a character who has defeated a Boss.

Titles (From Worst to Best) Edit

The Useless, The Feeble, The Stout, The Determined, The Valiant, The Gallant, The Heroic, The Divine, and The Legendary (The Legendary requires you to kill bosses or kill an extremely high amount of enemies)

Death may only be completely avoided if the current character has defeated the end boss and leaves the castle.

Death Defy Edit

The Death Defy skill gives the player a chance to be revived after death a single time, up to a 15% probability of happening when dying. This effect may also be obtained by receiving a Hyperion Ring from the Spiritual Shrine, but once again only functions a single time.

It is possible for the player to be revived multiple times in one run if both the skill and the Hyperion Ring (which another can be found if the previous one has been used) are used.